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MSM Holding is one of the largest online holdings in Iran with nearly a decade of brilliant history in the field of online businesses.


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Services or services are any activities or benefits that are provided from one party to another and are necessarily intangible and do not involve ownership of anything.


Shop site design

Designing and setting up various store sites based on WordPress ,WooCommerce and Dedicated CMS

Designing the specialized launch of online store sites according to your budget and purpose with the highest efficiency and completely in accordance with current engineering principles.


Corporate website design

Based on engineering principles

Designing engineering sites exactly based on today's engineering principles to introduce companies as professionally as possible. Also, with the arrival of animated images and animation technologies to the pages, such as Flash, the face of the web changed more than before and new capabilities were given to media creators and web designers.


Mobile app design

Android and iOS

Professional design of Android and iOS applications using modern technologies in order to fully optimize the application and get a high ranking in the Play Store and App Store. از آنجا که حجم کمتری از کد در طراحی سایت‌های ثابت استفاده می‌شود سرعت بارگذاری (Loading) بالایی دارند. علاوه بر این کاهش حجم کدها که باعث خوانایی بشتر سایت توسط ربات‌های جستجوگر می‌شود از یک سو و کاهش زمان بارگذاری از سوی دیگر سبب بهتر شدن وضعیت آن‌ها از لحاظ امتیاز دهی موتورهای جستجو یا همان «رنکینگ» می‌شود. سایتهای ثابت قیمت طراحی پایین‌تری را نیز عمدتاً نسبت به سایر سایت‌ها دارند.


Responsive design

Responsive and user-friendly

One of the most important pillars of website and application design is reactive or responsive design, which must be completely based on the world's standards.


SEO and digital marketing

Marketing is the beating heart of online businesses

One of the most important parts of any online business is SEO and marketing, which is necessary for the success of this part. The experience and knowledge of the marketing team. MSM Holding, having great experience in this field, will help you overcome the most difficult challenges of online business Easy to pass.


Our latest articles and research


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